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Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating (18-24 month Protection): $600

*Less Prone to Water Spotting
*Higher Stain Resistance Against Bugs, Saps, Droppings, etc.
*Very Hydrophobic
*Great For All Exterior Car Surfaces

Hand Wash & Dry Car
Decontamination of Car Paint (Clay Bar)
Iron Remover
2 step Paint Correction
Application of Graphene Ceramic Coating
4 Hour Cure Time Needed before exposing car to outside elements

Duration (Not Including Cure/Wait Time): 6 Hours on average

Car Detailing In Fort Myers, Naples, Estero, Bonita Springs, FL

Ceramic Coating (1 year): $400

*More durable than conventional wax or sealant
*Guards against harmful UV rays, & environmental contaminants
*Produces outrageous hydrophobic water beading action
*Use on paint, wheels, plastic and rubber trim, and chrome
*It also makes maintaining your paint much easier via the formula’s self-cleaning properties that reduce dust and dirt adhesion.

Hand Wash & Dry Vehicle’s paint
econtamination of vehicle’s paint
Iron Remover applied
2 Step Paint Correction (If applicable)
Ceramic Coating Applied

Duration: 5 Hours on Average


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